Is Your License in Good Hands?

We make maintaining your TDA WDI license easier and safer than ever. Check out our many benefits.

Quick Transfers

Transferring is quick. Usually 2 business days to get you fully setup and doing inspections the new school way.

Compliance Focused

WDI Science makes sure that inspector’s reports and continuing education comply with Texas laws and regulations. We regularly attend TDA meetings to keep up-to-date on all the changes TDA is making but doesn’t publish. This makes our inspectors more knowledgeable and compliant than most others in the industry.

Insurance Included

You are covered under our business insurance. You do not need to add termite coverage to your home inspection policy. Potentially saving you hundreds each year.

Paperwork Done For You

We handle all the TDA paperwork, communications and fees for your transfer and yearly renewals to maintain your license.

Software Included

We use Swarm Form, the latest, most advanced WDI inspection software on the planet. It makes creating accurate, beautiful reports a breeze. Our inspectors save time on every inspection by writing all-digital reports that their clients love.

Continuing Education Included

We provide your 8 hours of continuing education at no cost as long as you complete at least 25 inspections in the year.

Transferring is Easy

  • One time fee of $200
  • $25 per report
  • Fewer headaches